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About Project Africa:


My name is Leanne Beetham. I am a disabled artist

and photographer who paints using my mouth.

My artworks normally portray the animals and

scenes which I have photographed using

specially adapted equipment. Due to my

disability (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita),

I am often restricted to photographing captive

and domesticated animals.


I wish to break free of these restrictions in order to

further develop myself as an artist and photographer. In

order to do this I am planning an artistic endeavour known as

the "Fur, Feathers, & Wild Endeavours" project (or "Project Africa"

for short). This will take me to South Africa, where I will finally be able

to photograph and paint truly wild animals. This will allow me to

capture genuine wild behaviours and scenes which are impossible

to see in a captive setting, such as a local park or zoo.


As a result of this project, I hope to hold my own independent

exhibition using the artworks and photographs I have created, whilst also

raising awareness of the abilities of disabled people, and promoting animal conservation. I hope to educate the public by holding talks about my work and the project; this would include  live drawing demonstrations and educational presentations about the trip to Africa.


This endeavour has already been turned into a customized photography travel package, with the help of a specialist travel company (incorporating all specialized equipment and adaptations I need). Unfortunately, I still face one major hurdle - funding! Due to my disability, I require constant assistance to do daily tasks from getting in and out of bed, to going to toilet, or just getting a drink. This means that in order to make this project a success, I must also be able to fund the travel expenses of my two Personal Assistants and the hire of specialist equipment. This makes the project of much higher cost than it would be to a single able-bodied individual.


I am fundraising in an attempt to reach this once-in-a-lifetime goal.





All donations towards this project, no matter how small are greatly appreciated.

If you wish to donate, please click the button above.


Thank you for your interest and support.



Leanne Beetham BSc (Hons).

Mouth Artist.


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• To fundraise, enabling myself and 2 Personal Assistants to go to Africa and photograph and create artworks of animals in the wild.

• To educate the general public on the importance of our natural world through practical demonstrations, talks, and exhibitions.

• To educate the general public about the abilities of disabled people, and to disprove some of today's most common disability-related stereotypes.

• To target younger members of the public by doing school demonstrations, exhibitions, practical sessions, and talks.

• To target children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities - possibly via hospitals - holding exhibitions, and possibly giving talks with regard to how my project was successful, and where to find information regarding their own aspirations.

• To demonstrate that having a disability doesn't necessarily mean you are restricted. I will do this by documenting every aspect of the trip; including struggles and how I overcame them.

• To demonstrate that the things we want in life are only impossible if you give up.

• To develop myself (Leanne Beetham) as an Artist & Photographer.

• To meet, network with, and learn from other artists/photographers - including those in Africa.